During this masterclass
you will learn to understand

  • What is your leading instrument in communication and how it works?
  • What you are doing now and why it is not working?
  • How your vision or lack of it effects your performance and what you can do about it?
  • How you can prepare to deliver confident presentation with simple structure
  • What is your superpower when it comes to public speaking and communicating your ideas?

Join me and take the next step to become

a confident and powerful communicator!


Meet your host

Hi I'm Thorey ...

...and If you are tired of letting your lack of confidence in public speaking stopping you from being heard and seen you have come to the right place!

My passion is to help women like you do go deeper and build real confidence from a completely new angle. Having dealt with my own shyness, fear and unconscious believes that were stopping me I will share with you my journey and tested tools to help you step up to your next level in confident communication.

I'm an actress, director and a voice teacher. I have many years of experience of performing on all platforms of the medium. The preparation tools of the actor are a goldmine for any performer.
Also... I'm
a lover of lifetime learning and believer in the power of creative expression and storytelling!

My superpower is helping you grow your voice to build your presence and my shamanic tools to help you go deeper, under the skin, to change your life long habits that don't serve you anymore.

When you grow "the voice-the muscle of your soul" your soul lead business will surely grow!

Yes let's do it! 

Thorey Sigthorsdottir AS FEATURED IN